Post scheduling

Post scheduling in Telegram is an automatic way of releasing posts at a specified time. The Telegram client has some basic features for post scheduling. They will suit novice administrators with a limited number of posts. As a channel grows, there are additional needs which are no longer addressed by the built-in features of the messenger. Here, you may use the bots-assistants, all of which, though they increase the features of the messenger, are not much better. Dealing with a large number of queue posts using bots is not comfortable. Moreover, each bot generally offers a single capability, so that administrators will have to use more than one bot to interact with content, something that is not comfortable at all.  

That is why we began to build our service, which would eliminate the necessity to use multiple bots, and would allow us to operate in a single friendly web service. We hope we have succeeded in that. Deferred posting function (scheduling publications) is a major feature of our service. We tried to make its functionality and usability as much as it possible.


While adding a post, it is possible to indicate a concrete date and time when a post should be added to the post's schedule or to include it in the schedule. 

The schedule is specified in the settings of the project and generally matches the content plan of the project. You can set a common schedule for the whole week or a specific one for each day.

In order to fully operate with the schedule, you should set topics (headings) in your feed and use these when adding posts. Temporary slots in the schedule are also created with a connection to the topics.

All types of posts are available

And one of the key principles underlying our site is maximum possible support for the platform in which we publish. For this reason, we did not limit our service to basic post types - text, photos, and also added support for all kinds of publications, such as audio, polls, long posts with photos, media albums, and others. 


The post editor makes it easy to post a single post to several channels at the very same time. 

There is also the possibility to add multiple posts of various types within a post. All posts in a single post will be posted at the same time in the order in those posts in the editor.

Post Settings

While planning a post, you may want to use advanced parameters:

  • Preview links - you can turn off the default preview of the first link in the text of the post.
  • Shorten links - we also have a built-in links shrinker. Using it, we obtain analytics, which is not provided by the instant messenger itself. The link cutter can be disabled for a specific post.
  • With notification - if the checkbox is deactivated, the post would be sent with no audible notification to subscribers.
  • Pin the post - it is possible to pin the post to the channel by ticking this checkbox.

Easy management of posts

In order to make it as easy as humanly possible to control the posts in the queue, we added the ability to show the postings in three ways - as a list, as a calendar, and as a timeline.

Depending on the circumstances, you can switch easily between the modes.

Deleting and modifying posts

After publishing, we allow you to delete and update posts from our service. If you delete a post that has already been published, you will also be removed from the group where the post was posted. You can also set the hours in which to delete a post when you schedule the post. Then it will be automatically deleted. This feature is normally used for ads posts.

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