Privacy Policy

1. General Terms

  • 1.1 (hereinafter - Service) gathers and handles Personal Information of its Users. For making this processing open and clear, we have written the Privacy Policy - and we tried to do it in a human language.
  • 1.2 Using the Service, you will automatically agree to the User Agreement and the Privacy Policy, and confirm that you are familiar with the Security Policy.
  • 1.3 If you do not in any way agree with any of the terms of the User Agreement, the Privacy Policy, and the Security Policy, you are obligated to discontinue and refrain from future use of the Service, at least until such time as you are fully able to accept all of the above.

2. Personal information

  • 2.1 The Service gathers the below types of Personal Information:
    • a) Own data that the User submits in the process of registering and using the Service;
    • b) All data posted by the User on their social networking pages connected to the Service;
    • c) The User's own uploads of any data to the Service servers, including photos, videos, links, and texts;
  • 2.2 In order to connect the Telegram Channel, the Service requests an authorization token. The authorization token is necessary to establish a link with Telegram's servers.
  • 2.3 The token is transferred via a secure https connection using an SSL certificate.

3. The use of Personal Information

  • 3.1 The User consents to the collecting and handling of their Personal Information. In order to render the Services (delayed posting, analytics, and others), the Service is forced not just to collect, but to process Personal Information as well. Why do we do this?
    • a) We need to occasionally contact the User to update them on new information, send a job performance report, or inform them of new Service usage policies;
    • b) The User is identifiable to us in our system - we do need to know with whom we are signing a User Agreement;
    • c) Many of the services that the Service provides are highly personalized, and we cannot provide them unless we process Personal Information;
    • d) Scheduling posting also needs continuous handling of Personal Information - as part of this Privacy Policy - in place for the correct functioning of deferred posting;

4. Prohibition on Processing of Personal Information

  • 4.1 The User may put a ban on the Processing of their Personal information at any time. Such a ban is technically manifested in the form of deleting social network user profiles from the Service. Deletion of the user accounts will result in the automatic removal of all the collected Personal information. Removal of Personal Information is an unforgiving process.
  • 4.2 Prohibition on the processing of Personal Data is formally a breach of this Privacy Policy and will result in an instant cancellation of the User Agreement.
  • 4.3 The termination of the User Agreement is automatic - at the time when the User deletes the most recent account from the Service.
  • 4.4 Because at that moment, the User is no longer authorized to use the Service. However, the Agreement is automatically renewed as long as the User:
    • a) Appends a new social networking account to's current profile;
    • b) Passes the registration procedure of a new profile;
  • 4.5 Once the User performs one of the actions above, he again accepts all the provisions of this Privacy Policy, concludes the User Agreement with the Service, and acknowledges that he has read the Security Policy.